Good and memorable trip in Ghana with Kwane and thanks to Kalu for his contribution and directing us to the right person who knows the birds, their calls and where to go and see  special birds in Ghana. A 14 days trip in Ghana was very good to us and noted 322 birds including  Forbes plover,Egyptian plover,Rosy bee eater,Hartlaubs duck,Standard winged nightjah,Yellow headed picathartes,African pygmy goose,Great blue turaco and the great Abyssinian ground hornbill which only satisfied us very well.


DAY 1….Arrival

DAY 2….Sakumono lagoon-muni lagoon-cape coast

DAY 3….Kakum [canopy walkway]

DAY 4….Antwikwaa-pra river-brimso water works

DAY 5….Abrafo forest-jawari road

DAY 6….Brenu beach road- Ankasa NP

DAY 7….Ankasa forest

DAY 8….Ankasa-brenu beach road-cape coast

DAY 9….Aboabo-picathartes site-Kumasi

DAY 10…Opuro forest-Mole NP

DAY 11…Mole

DAY 12…Mole

DAY 13…Mole-Egyptian plover site-Kumasi

DAY 14…Bobiri forest-Atewa

DAY 15…Atewa forest-Departure

              SPECIES LIST

Grey heron

Common sandpiper

Pied kingfisher

Grey backed camaroptera

Green wood hoopoe

Yellow crowned gonolec

Senegal thick knee

Curlew sandpiper

Black heron

Marsh sandpiper

Great egret

Intermediate egret


Collared pratincole

Yellow wagtail

White faced whistling duck

Bar tailed godwit

Grey plover

Squacco heron

Green backed heron

Western reef egret

Royal tern

White fronted sandpiper

Kittlitz plover

Yellow billed shrike

Double spured francolin

Black capped babbler

Purple glossy starling

Double toothed barbet


Yellow billed kite

Purple heron

Little egret

Malachite kingfisher

Black winged stilt

Laughing dove

Long tailed cormorant

Wattled lapwing

Blue spotted wood dove

Zitting cisticola

Brown babbler

Black crowned night heron

Wood sandpiper

African jacana

Grey kestrel

Vinaceus dove

Common ringed plover

Western grey plantain eater

Senegal cucal

Snowy crowned robin chat

Northern crombec

African thrush

Copper sunbird

Yellow throates longclow

Long tailed nightjah

Little swift

Palm swift

African grey hornbill

Vieillots barbet

Plain backed pipit

Barn swallow

Winding cisticola

Northern grey headed sparrow

Common kestrel

Red eyed dove

Pied crow

Hooded vulture

Bronze mannikin

African goshawk

Icterine greenbul

Red bellied paradise flycatcher

Pin tailed whydah

Western nicator

White crested hornbill

Red fronted parrot

African pied hornbill

Chestnut wattle eye

White tailed alethe

Red necked buzzard

Blue throated roller

Violet backed hyliota

Rufous crowned eremomela

Grey longbill

Rufous sided broadbill

Red rumped thinkerbird

African harrier hawk

Yellow throated thinkerbird

Chestnut capped flycatcher

Naked faced barbet

Shrike flycatcher

Usshers flycatcher

Yellow bill

Golden greenbul

Velvet mantled drongo

Red headed malimbe

Little grey greenbul

Blue billed malimbe

Yellow billed barbet

Cassins spinetail

Yellow billed turaco

Village weaver

Tambourine dove

Orange cheeked waxbill

Common fiscal

White throated bee eater

Vieillots black weaver

Bar breasted firefinch

Green headed sunbird

African cukoo hawk

Splendid glossy starling

Mottled spinetail

Little greenbul

Preuss`s cliff swallow

Black bellied firefinch

Tawny flanked prinia

Splendid sunbird

African dwarf kingfisher

Giant kingfisher

Red faced cisticola

Puvels illadopsis

Whistling cisticola

Western bluebill

Olive sunbird

Creasted malimbe

Cameroon sombre greenbul

Black bee eater

Simple leaflove

Woodland kingfisher

Bristle nosed barbet

Klass`s cuckoo

Copper tailed starling

Didric cuckoo

Chocolate backed kinfisher

Black winged oriole

Shining drongo

Chestnut breasted negrofinch

Rufous chested swallow

Buff spotted woodpecker

Levaillants cuckoo

Rosy bee eater

Red billed helmetshrike

Red billed dwarf hornbill

Yellow spotted barbet

Green tailed bristlebill

Green sunbird

Piping hornbill

Olive bellied sunbird

Maxwells black weaver

Olive green camaroptera

Yellow browed camaroptera

Kemps longbill

Lead collared flycatcher

Speckled thinkerbird

Swamp palm bulbul

Frasers forest flycatcher

Black throated cucal

Brown illadopsis

Buff throated sunbird

Black headed oriole

Red vented malimbe

Little green sunbird

White throated blue swallow

White headed lapwing

Rock pratincole

Little bee eater

Lesser striped swallow

Black bellied seedcracker

Yellow white eye

Marsh tchagra

Peregrine falcon

Lizard buzzard

Yellow mantled weaver

Blue headed cucal

Black rumped waxbill

Brown sunbird

Hartlaubs duck

Riechenbachs sunbird

African pygmy goose

Cassins flycatcher

African finfoot

Black capped illadopsis

Forest robin

Yellow whiskered greenbul

Blue headed wood dove

Great blue turaco

Shining blue kingfisher

Spotted greenbul

Olive long tailed cuckoo

Square tailed sawwing

Rufous winged illadopsis

African emerald cuckoo

Blue breasted kingfisher

Finschs flycatcher thrsh

Dusky blue flycatcher

Red headed quelea

Broad billed roller

Blue headed crested flycatcher

Red tailed bristlebill

Black casque hornbill

Yellow bearded greenbul

Western bronze naped pigeon

Tit hylia

Grey throated flycatcher

Black cuckoo

Black spinetail

White spotted flufftail

Yellow headed picathartes

Rock martin

Cassins hawk eagle

Green turaco

European reed warbler

Common house martin

Northern puffback

Yellow rumped thinkerbird


Dark chanting goshawk

White fronted black chat

African golden oriole

Beautiful sunbird

African cuckoo

Black scimitarbill

Bruces green pigeon

Bush petronia

Striped kingfisher

White helmetshrike

Grasshopper buzzard

White backed vulture

Bearded barbet

Violet turaco

Scarlet chested sunbird

Red necked falcon

Red cheeked cordon blue

Red throated bee eater

Wire tailed swallow

Grey headed kingfisher

Rufous crowned sparrow weaver

African pygmy sunbird

Pied flycatcher

Cardinal woodpecker

Red shoulded cuckooshrike


Black faced firefinch

African blue flycatcher

Hadada ibis

Grey headed bush shrike

Senegal batis

Oriole warbler

Abyssinian roller

Greater pianted snipe

Golden tailed woodpecker

Northern carmine bee eater


Square tailed drongo

Long crested eagle

Tawny eagle

Thick billed cuckoo

Yellow fronted canary

Fork tailed drongo

African paradise flycatcher

Swallow tailed bee eater

White throated francolin

Standard winged nightjah

Forbes plover

Stone partridge

Marabou stork

Abyssinian ground hornbill

Wooly necked stork

Black headed heron

African scops owl

Martial eagle

Singing cisticola

Long tailed starling

Pearl spotted owlet

Fine spotted wood dove

Greater honeyguide

Red billed firefinch

White breasted cuckooshrike

Common redstart

Little bittern

Swamp flycatcher

Sulphur breasted bush shrike

Rose ringed parakeet

Western banded snake eagle

Grey rumped swallow

Red chested swallow

Egyptian plover


Rufous crowned roller

Northern red billed hornbill


Chestnut backed sparrow lark

Greyish eagle owl

White headed vulture

White crowned robin chat

Willow warbler

Yellow breasted apalis

Lesser blue eared starling

Little weaver

Lesser honeyguide

Northern red bishop

Lavender waxbill

Red winged pytilia

Yellow billed oxpecker

Narina trogon

Grey parrot

Black sparrow hawk

Least honeyguide

Narrow tailed starling

Honeyguide greenbul

Yellow throated cuckoo

Little grey flycatcher

Red cheeked wattle eye

Red chested cuckoo

Blue headed bee eater

Spotted flycatcher

Black crowned tchagra

Croaking cisticola

European bee eater

Mocking cliff chat

White throated black tit

European honey buzzard

Yellow fronted thinkerbird