3RD-20TH MARCH 2014 PATICIPANT….John and Joan Mcallister GUIDE – Kwame Brown

Birdwatching in UK and Europe has been inpresive over 20 years so we decided to extend our trip to Africa for some forest species. A friend called Frank Greyton, a serious birder who has had a lot of trips around the world and has visited Ghana told us about the good trip he had in Ghana and the incredible species he saw there. We made our mind set for Ghana. We contacted Ashanti African tours but their fees were beyond immagination. We shifted our attention to Malimbe tours whose fees was quite marginal but the date we gave him clashed with another group, he therefore told us that he has friend who is equaly good as himself, so if we will agree to that he will send us his contact information. This became a big debate among ourselves but we learnt that Kalu is a good birder in the history of Ghana birding and recommending Kwame to us can be fruitful so we agreed and told him if Kwame didn`t perform we will hold him responsible, Kalu wrote to us back even more confidence than the previos message he sent to us. We got some confidence in Kwame that he can deliver. We therefore contacted Kwame and he assured us that he is always ready,we gave him the date at which we will arrive and days we are spending in Ghana, he also gave us the fees we will pay and was just like Kalu`s which was a good news because nothing has change there.


DAY 1….Arrival-Crown plaza hotel

DAY 2….Sakumono lagoon-muni lagoon-winniba plains-Hans cottage botel

DAY 3….Kakum national park-Hans cottage

DAY 4….Sushen forest-brimso water works-Hans cottage

DAY 5….Antwikwaa palm plantation-Twifo Praso-jawari road

DAY 6….Brenu beach road-Elubo

DAY 7….Ankasa forest

DAY 8….Ankasa forest-Hans cottage botel

DAY 9….Aboabo-Picatartes site-Kumasi-Treasure land hotel

DAY 10…Opuro forest-Mole

DAY 11…Mole

DAY 12…Mole

DAY 13…Tono hills-Egyptian plover site-Bolga

DAY 14…Tono dam-Kumasi-Treasure land hotel

DAY 15…Bobiri forest-Bunso aboratum-Royal bluemich hotel

DAY 16…Atewa forest

DAY 17…Apapam road- Shai hills

DAY 18…Shai hills-Departure


Little grebe-tachybatus ruficollis

Long tailed cormorant-phalacrocorax africanus

Black crowned night heron-nycticorax nycticorax

Little bittern-ixobrychus minitus

Green backed heron-butorides striata

Squacco heron-ardeola ralloides

Cattle egret-bubulcus ibis

Black heron-egreta ardesiaca

Western reef egret-egreta gularis

Little egret-egreta garzetta

Intermediate egret-egreta intermedia

Great egret-egreta alba

Grey heron-ardea cinerea

Black headed heron-ardea melamocephata

Purple heron-ardea purpurea

Hamerkop-scopus umbretta

Saddle billed stork-ephippiorhynchus senegalensis

Black stork-ciconia nigra

Wooly necked stork-ciconia episcopus

Hadada ibis-bostrychia hagedash

White faced whistling duck-dendrocygna viduata

Hartlaubs duck-pteronetta hartlaubii

African pygmy goose-nettapus auritus

Spur winged goose-plectropterus gambensis

African fish eagle-haliaeetus vocifer

Palmnut vulture-gypohierax angolensis

Hooded vulture-necrosyrtes monachus

African white backed vulture-gyps africanus

Bateleur-terathopius ecaudatus

African harrier hawk-polyboroides typus

Black shoulded kite-elanus caeruleus

Yellow billed kite-milvus migrans parasitus

African cuckoo hawk-aviceda cuculoides

Western marsh harrier-circus aeruginosus

Western banded snake eagle-circaetus cinerascens

Lizard buzzard-kaupifalco monogrammicus

Gabar goshawk-micronisus gabar

Dark chanting goshawk-melierax metabates

Shikra-accipiter badius

African goshawk-accipiter tachiro

Long tailed hawk-urotriorchis macrourus

European honey buzzard-pernis apivorus

Grasshopper buzzard-butastur rufipennis

Red necked buzzard-buteo auguralis

Long crested eagle-lophaetus occipitalis

Tawny eagle-aquila rapax

Martial eagle-polemaetus bellicosus

Common kestrel-falco tinnunculus

Lanner falcon-falco biarmicus

Grey kestrel-falco ardosiaceus

Helmeted guineefowl-numida meleagris

Stone partridge-ptilpachus petrosus

Lathams forest francolin-francolinus lathami

White throated francolin-franclinus albogularis

Double spured francolin-francolinus bicalcaratus

Nkulengu rail-himantornis haematopus

White spotted flufftail-sarothrura pulchra

Black crake-amaurornis flavirostra

African finfoot-podica senegalensis

Purple swamphen-porphyrio porphyrio

Common morehen-gallinula chloropus

African jacana-actophilornis africanus

Black winged stilt-himantopus himantopus

Pied avocet-recurvirostra avisetta

Senegal thick knee-burhinus senegalensis

Egyptian plover-pluvianus aegyptius

Collared pratincole-glareola pratincola

Rock pratincole-glareola nuchalis

Forbes plover-charadrius forbesi

Common ringed plover-caradrius hiaticula

African wattled lapwing-vanellus  senegallus

White headed lapwing-vanellus albiceps

Spur winged lapwing-vanellus spinosus

Grey plover-pluvialis squatarola

Bar tailed godwit-limosa lapponica

Whimbrel-numenius phaeopus

Little stint-calidris minuta

Curlew sandpiper-calidris ferruginea

Common redshank-tringa totanus

Common greenshank-tringa nebularia

Marsh sandpiper-tringa stagnatilis

Green sandpiper-tringa ochrupus

Wood sandpiper-tringa glareola

Common sandpiper-actitis hypoleucos

Ruddy turnstone-arenaria interpres

Common snipe-gallinago gallinago

American golden plover-pluvialis dominica

Royal tern-sterna maxima

Common tern-sterna hirundo

Sandwich tern-sterna sandvicensis

Little tern-sterna albifrons

Black tern-chlidonias nigra

Four banded sandgrous-pterocles quadricinctus

Blue spotted wood dove-turtur afer

Black billed wood dove-turtur abyssinicus

Namaqua dove-oena capensis

Tambourine dove-turtur tympanistria

African green pigeon-treron calvus

Red eyed dove-streptopelia semitorquata

Vinaceous dove-streptopelia vinacea

Laughing dove-streptopelia senegalensis

Red headed lovebird-agapornis pullarrius

Rose ringed parakeet-psittacula krameri

Senegal parrot-poicephalus senegalus

Red fronted parrot-poicephalus gulielmi

Grey parrot-psittacus erithacus

Green turaco-touraco persa

Yellow billed turaco-touraco macrorhynchus

Violet turaco-musophaga violecea

Great blue turaco-corythaeola cristata

Western grey plantain eater-crinifer piscator

Levaillants cuckoo-oxylophus levaillantii

Olive long tail cuckoo-cercococcyx olivinus

Thick billed cuckoo-pachycoccyx audeberti

African cuckoo-cuculus gularis

Black cuckoo-cuculus clamosus

Klass`s cuckoo-chrysococcyx klass

Didric cuckoo-chrysococcyx caprius

African emerald cuckoo-chrysococcyx cupreus

Yellow throatd cuckoo-chrysococcyx flavigularis

Yellow bill-ceuthmochares aereus

Senegal cucal-centropus senegalensis

Blue headed cucal-centropus monachus

Greyish eagle owl-bubo [Africanus] cinerascens

Frasers eagle owl-bubo poensis

Northern white faced owl-ptilopsis leucotis

Pearl spotted owlet-glaucidium perlatum

African scops owl-otus senegalensis

Long tailed nightjah-caprimulgus climacurus

Standard winged nightjah-macrodipteryx longipennis

Sabines spinetail-rhaphidura sabini

Black spinetail-telacanthura melanopygia

Mottled spinetail-telacanthura ussheri

Cassins spinetail-neafrapus cassini

African palm swift-cypsiurus parvus

Little swift-apus affinis

African dwarf kingfisher-ceyx lecontei

African pygmy kingfisher-ceyx pictus

Malachite kingfisher-alcedo cristata

Shining blue kingfisher-alcedo quadribrachys

Chocolate backed kingfisher-halcyon badia

Grey headed kingfisher-halcyon leucocephala

Blue breasted kingfisher-halcyon malimbia

Woodland kingfisher-halcyon senegalensis

Pied kingfisher-cerlye rudis

Blue headed bee eater-merops muelleri

Black bee eater-merops gularis

Rosy bee eater-merops malimbicus

Little bee eater-merops pusillus

Red throated bee eater-merops bulocki

White throated bee eater-merops albicollis

Rufous crowned roller-coracias naevius

Blue bellied roller-coracias cyanogaster

Abyssinian roller-coracias abyssinicus

Blue throated roller-eurystomus gularis

Broad billed roller-eurystomus glaucurus

Narina trogon-apaloderma narina

Green wood hoopoe-phoeniculus purpureus

Black dwarf hornbill-tockus hartlaubi

Red billed dwarf hornbill-tocus camurus

[N] red billed hornbill-tockus erythrorhynchus

African pied hornbill-tockus fasciatus

African grey hornbill-tockus nasutus

Piping hornbill-byconistes fistulator

White crested hornbill-tropicranus albocristatus

Abyssinian ground hornbill-bucorvus abyssinicus

Yellow fronted thinkerbird-pogoniulus chrysoconus

Yellow throated thinkerbird-pigoniulus subsulphurens

Red rumped thinkerbird-pogoniulus atroflavus

Speckled thinkerbird-pogoniulus scolopaceus

Yellow spotted barbet-buccanodon duchaillui

Vieillots barbet-lybius vieilloti

Bearded barbet-lybius dubius

Bristle nosed barbet-gymnobucco peli

Nacked faced barbet-gymnobucco calvus

Yellow billed barbet-trachylaemus purpuratus

Cassins honeybird-prodotiscus insignis

Greater honeyguide-indicator indicator

Lesser honeyguide-indicator minor

Fine spotted woodpecker-camprthera punctuligera

Cardinal woodpecker-dendropicos fuscescens

Buff spotted woodpecker-campethera nivosa

Gabon woodpecker-dendropicos gabonensis

Fire bellied woodpecker-dendropicos pyrrhogaster

Rufous sided broadbill-smithornis rufolateralis

Flappet lark-mirafra rufocinnamomea

Sun lark-galerida modesta

Chestnut backed sparrow lark-eremopterix leucotis

Square tailed sawwing-psalidoprocne nitens

Grey rumped swallow-pseudhirundo griseopyga

White throated blue swallow-hirundo nigrita

Lesser striped swallow-cecropis semirufa

Mosque swallow-cecropis senegalensis

Preuss`s cliff swallow-petrochelidon preussi

Ethiopian swallow-hirundo aethiopica

Barn swallow-hirundo rustica

African pied wagtail-motacilla aguimp

Yellow wagtail-motacilla flava

Yellow throated longclow-macronyx croceus

Tree pipit-anthus trivialis

Red shoulded cuckooshrike-campephaga phoenicea

Purple throated cuckooshrike-campephaga quiscalina

Blue cuckooshrike-coracina azurea

Slender billed greenbul-andropadus gracilirastris

Little greenbul-andropadus virens

Little grey greenbul-andropadus gracilis

Yellow whiskered greenbul-andropadus latirostris

Golden greenbul-calyptocichla serina

Honeyguide greenbul-baeopogon indicator

Icterine greenbul-phyllastrephus icterinus

Simple leaflove-chlorocichla simplex

Swamp palm bulbul-thescelocichla leucopleura

Common bulbul-pycnonotus barbatus

Western nicator-nicator chloris

Green tailed bristlebill-bleda eximius

Western bearded greenbul-criniger barbatus

Red tailed greenbul-criniger calurus

Yellow bearded greenbul-criniger olivaceus

Forest robin-stiphrornis erythrothorax

Finschs flycatcher thrush-stizorhina finschi

White crowned robin chat-cossypha albicapilla

African thrush-turdus prlios

Whinchat-saxicola rubetra

Mocking cliff chat-thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris

African moustached warbler-melocichla mentalis

Senegal eremomela-eremomela pusilla

Rufous crowned eremomela-eremomela badiceps

Northern crombec-sylvietta brachyura

Green crombec-sylvietta virens

Willow warbler-phylloscopus trochilus

Green hylia-hylia prasina

Kemps longbill-mocrosphenus kempi

Grey longbill-mocrosphenus concolor

Violet backed hyliota-hyliota violacea

Red fronted cisticola-cisticola erythrops

Singing cisticola-cisticola cantans

Whistling cisticola-cisticola lateralis

Rock loving cisticola-cisticola aberrans

Short winged cisticola-cisticola brachypterus

Winding cisticola-cisticola galactotes

Croaking cisticola-cisticola natalensis

Zitting cisticola-cisticola juncidis

Tawny flanked prinia-prinia subflava

Red winged warbler-heliolais erythroterus

Black capped apalis-apalis nigriceps

Sharps apalis-apalis sharpii

Grey backed camaroptera-camaroptera brachyura

Yellow browed camaroptera-camaroptera superciliaris

Oriole warbler-hypergerus atriceps

Frasers forest flycatcher-fraseria ocreata

Northern black flycatcher-melaenornis edolioides

Pale flycatcher-melaenornis pallidus

Ussers flycatcher-muscicapa usseri

Cassins flycatcher-muscicapa cassini

Dusky blue flycatcher-muscicapa comitata

Swamp flycatcher-muscicapa aquatica

Spotted flycatcher-muscicapa striata

Pied flycatcher-ficedula hypoleuca

African paradise flycatcher-terpsiphone viridis

Red bellied paradise flycatcher-terpsiphone rufiventer

Chestnut capped flycatcher-erythrocercus mccallii

African blue flycatcher-elminia longicauda

Blue headed crested flycatcher-trochocercus nitens

Black and white flycatcher-bias musicus

Chestnut wattle eye-dyaphorophyia castanea

Common wattle eye-platysteira cyanea

Yellow headed picathartes-picathartes pymnocephalus

Brown babbler-turdoides plebejus

Blackcap babbler-turdoides reinwardtii

Brown illadopsis-illadopsis fulvescens

Puvels illadopsis-illadopsis puveli

Tit hylia-pholidornis rushiae

Yellow white eye-zosterops senegalensis

Brown sunbird-anthreptes gabonicus

Little green sunbird-anthreptes seimundi

Frasers sunbird-deleornis fraseri

Reichenbachs sunbird-anabathmis reichenbachii

Green headed sunbird-cyanomitra verticalis

Blue throated brown sunbird-cyanomitra cyanlaema

Olive sunbird-cyanomitra olivacea

Buff throated sunbird-chalcomitra adelberti

Collared sunbird-hedydipna collaris

Pygmy sunbird-hedydipna platura

Olive bellied sunbird-cinnyris chloropygius

Beautiful sunbird-cinnyris pulchellus

Scarlet chested sunbird-chalcomitra senegalensis

Johannas sunbird-cinnyris johannae

Splendid sunbird-cinnyris coccinigastrus

Copper sunbird-cinnyris cupreus

Common fiscal-lanius collaris

Yellow billed shrike-corvinella corvina

Grey headed bush shrike-malaconotus blanchoti

Sulphur breasted bush shrike-chlorophoneus sulfureopectus

Marsh tchagra-bocagia minuta

Black crowned tchagra-tchagra senegalus

Brown crowned tchagra-tchagra australis

Sabines puffback-dryoscopus sabini

Northern puffback-dryoscopus gambensis

Brubru-nilaus afer

Tropical boubou-laniarius [aethiopicus] major

Yellow crowned gonolec-laniarius barbarus

White helmetshrike-prionops plumatus

Red billed helmetshrike-prionops caniceps

Black winged oriole-oriolus nigripennis

Western black headed oriole-oriolus brachyrhynchus

African golden oriole-oriolus auratus

Square tailed drongo-dicrurus ludwigii

Shining drongo-dicrurus atripennis

Fork tailed drongo-dicrurus adsimilis

Velvet mantled drongo-dicrurus modestus

Piapiac-ptilostomus afer

Pied crow-corvus albus

Narrow tailed starling-poeoptera lugubris

Forest chestnut winged starling-onychognathus fulgidus

Copper tailed glossy starling-lamprotornis cupreocauda

Splendid glossy starling-lamprotornis splendidus

Purple glossy starling-lamprotornis purpureus

Bronze tailed glossy starling-lamprotornis chalcurus

Lesser blue eared starling-lamprotornis chloropterus

Long tailed glossy starling-lamprotornis caudatus

Chestnut bellied starling-lamprotornis pulcher

Violet backed starling-cinnyricinclus leucogaster

Northern grey headed sparrow-passer griseus

Bush petronia-petronia dentata

Chestnut crowned sparrow weaver-plocepasser superciliosus

Speckle fronted weaver-sporopipes frontalis

Little weaver-ploceus luteolus

Black necked weaver-ploceus nigricollis

Orange weaver-ploceus aurantius

Village weaver-ploceus cucullatus

Heuglins masked weaver-ploceus heuglini

Yellow mantled weaver-ploceus atricolor

Vieillots black weaver-ploceus nigerrimus

Maxwells black weaver-ploceus albinucha

Preuss`s weaver-ploceus preussi

Compact weaver-pachyphantes superciliosus

Grosbeak weaver-amblyospiza albifrons

Red billed quelea-quelea quelea

Rlue billed malimbe-malimbus nitens

Crested malimbe-malimbus malimbicus

Red vented malimbe-malimbus scutatus

Red headed malimbe-malimbus rubricollis

Yellow mantled widowbird-euplectes macroura

Northern red bishop-euplectes francisconus

Yellow crowned bishop-euplectes afer

Black winged bishop-euplectes hordeaceus

Red fronted antpecker-parmoptila rubrifrons

Grey headed negrofinch-nigrita canicapillus

Chestnut breasted negrofinch-nigrita bicotor

White breasted negrofinch-nigrita fusconotus

Red winged pytilia-pytilia phoenicoptera

Western bluebill-spermoplaga haematina

Black bellied seedcracker-pyrenestes ostrinus

Bar breasted firefinch-lagonosticta rufopicta

Red billed firefinch-lagonosticta senegala

Black bellied firefinch-lagonosticta rara

Black faced firefinch-lagonosticta larvata

Lavender waxbill-estrilda caerulescens

Orange cheeked waxbill-estrilda melpoda

Black rumped waxbill-estrilda troglodytes

Red cheeked cordon blue-uraeginthus bengalus

Zebra waxbill-sporaeginthus subflavus

Black faced quailfinch-ortygospiza atricollis

Bronze mannikin-spermestes cucullatus

Black and white mannikin-spermestes bicolor

Magpie mannikin-spermestes fringilloides

Wilsons indigobird-vidua wilsoni

Pin tailed whydah-vidua macroura

Exclamatory paradise whydah-vidua interjecta

Yellow fronted canary-serinus mozambicus

Streaky headed seedeater-serinus gulari

Cinnamon breastes rock bunting-emberiza tahapisi

Cabanis`s bunting-emberiza cabanisi


Pale breasted illadopsis-illadopsis rufipennis

Black capped illadopsis-illadopsis cleaveri

Red tailed bristlebill-bleda syndactylus

Grey headed bristlebill-bleda canicapillus

Cameroon sombre greenbul-andropadus curvirostris

Wilcocks honeyguide-indicator willcocksi

Black casqued hornbill-ceratogymna atrata

Congo serpent eagle-dryotriorchis spectabilis