DAY 1..

Upon arrival you will be met by our guide who will welcome you and transfere you to our bird friend hotel for a good night rest.

DAY 2.

After early breakfast our tour bigins as we depart to Sakumono lagoon which is close to the atlantic occean and is 10 minutes drive from the hotel where we will see a lot of  residential and migrant shore birds like Senegal thick knee,Kittlitz plover.Black cucal,collared platincole,common green shank,common red shank,sunderling,African jacana,african wattled lapwing,little grebe,long tailed cormorant,kingfishers,terns and a number of herons, egrets and so lot of shore birds as well as cisticola`s,bishops,black capped babbler,yellow crowned gonolec,green wood hoopoe,double spurred francolin,shikra,western marsh harrier and some others will be seen at the grassy part of the lagoon and drive west to Cape Coast where Kakum NP is located, along the road we stop at Muni lagoon at Winniba to add some number of shore birds to our list like American goldern plover,green backed heron,grey plover,white fronted plover,marsh sandpiper,black winged stilt,royal tern,ruddy turnstone,gull billed tern,eurassian oystercatcher and some interesting ones.

DAY 3-5…


Kakum National park is the leading destination for birdwatching in Ghana. The incredible canopy walkway which is suspended between seven strong forest trees with its platforms helps birdwatching in this forest interesting and observation becomes close. This park has different entrances to the forest which are Antwikwaa forest,Abrafo forest,Aoabo,Jawari and Brimso water works which provides a lot of forest specis like hornbills,greenbuls,rosy bee eater,red billed dwarf hornbill,blue cuckooshrike,violet backed hyliota,red fronted parrot,blue throated roller,red thighed sparrowhawk,barbets and thinkerbirds,raptor of different kinds congo serpent eagle,european honey buzzard,ayres hawk eagle,african harrier hawk,african goshawk,also weavers and malimbes rufous sided broadbill,dwarf kingfisher,white spotted flufftail and so lot of forest species. We will go to Twifo Praso for the rock pratincole,white throated blue swallow and white headed lapwing.

DAY 6…

We shall bird at the coastal savannah around the cape coast castle and the number of birds we shall see at these areas will certainly exceed your expectation.We will then proceed to Ankasa and we shall see a lot along the way before we get there. 

DAY 7….

Akasa forest which is one of the best sites in Ghana which provides good forest birds which can sometimes not be seen in any of the other forests like white breasted guineefowl,great blue turaco,hartlaubs duck,african pygmy goose,blue headed wood dove,yellow billed turaco,forest robin,white tailed alethe,white tailed ant thrush,african finfoot,different kinds of illadopsis,greenbuls and bristlebills,woodpeckers,white crested tiger heron,red billed helmetshrike and among other possible species.

DAY 8..

   Take off from Ankasa to the picathartes site but stop at a possible place along the way for birding before the picathartes site and we therefore continue to Kumasi where we will lodge for the night.

DAY 9…

Take off to Opuro forest which is a combination of forest and savannah species and some birds which can be seen at this site includes brown crowned tchagra,white spotted flufftail,black and white flycatcher,and other flycatchers,green turaco,black crake,blue headed cucal,western bluebill,northern puffback,lizard buzzard,western bronze naped pigeon and other possible species can be seen at this site.We then proceed to Mole NP where we will se real savannah.

DAY 10-12… 

Mole National Park which is located in the north of the country and the best place to see savannah birds. Birdwatching at mole is outstanding and easy to see birds clearly. All Ghana savannah birds can be seen here among the most interesting species one can mention Abyssinian ground hornbill,martial eagle,saddle billed stork,african hawk eagle,tawny eagle,bateleur,long tailed glossy starling,hadada ibis,egyptian plover,african golden oriole,chestnut crowned sparrow weaver,red necked falcon,african hobby,stone partridge,blue breasted kingfisher,little bittern,scarlet chested sunbird,giant kingfisher,red throated bee eater,northern carmine bee eater,exclamatory paradise whydah,marrabou stork,african blue flycatcher,sulpher breasted bush shrike,oriole warbler,violet turaco, standard winged nightjah,long tailed nightjah,freckled nightjah,white throated francolin,western banded snake eagle,denhams bustard,forbes plover and more can be seen in the park.

Birdwatching here is impossible without coming face to face with mamals.Over 800 african elephants are present in this park,many species of antelops,several species of monkey,tame wathaug and troops of baboons are always seen around the hotel.Crocodiles and water monitors are also frequently encounted around the water holes.

DAY 13…

We shall depart for Bobiri buterfly sunctury depending on the time of our arrival we shall go birding in the evenng. Bobiri is located not far from Kumasi and is very productive and serves as a very good stop over route from mole NP. Bobiri is one of the best sites to visit in Ghana and good species like Long tailed hawk, Narina trogon,black sparrowhawk,grey parrot,tit hylia,finschs flycatcher thrush,sharps apalis,black capped apalis,rufous capped flycatcher,african emerald cuckoo,wester bronze napped pigeon, affep pigeon,copper tailed starling,narrow tailed starling,peregrine falcon and other possible forest species including a large number of buterflies can be seen at this site.

DAY 14…

Atewa is one of the known forest for all birders who visit Ghana for its good forest species which we miss at most of the sites we visit can be seen here including the most spectacular bird the Blue headed bee eater and crowned eagle which is not likely to see anywhere iether than here in atewa.

DAY 15…

Shaihills Resource Reserve here we will have the opportunity to see some savannah birds we missed at Mole NP as well as observing some birds that are particularly associated with this location such as Mockig cliff chat,swallow tailed bee eater,senegal parrot,red shoulded cuckooshrike,white helmetshrike,white shoulded black tit,long crested eagle,blue bellied roller,black scimitarbill,ovambo sparoow hawk,rock martin,snowy crowned robinchat including possible species available.We will therefore visit Kalakpa forest where we have to see the Capuchin babbler,red cheecked wattle eye,african moustached warbler and few others.REMEMBER OUR TOURS ARE FLEXIBLE AND THE LENGTH OF TOUR CAN BE ADJUSTED TO FIT THE DAYS YOU HAVE AVAILABLE.


14 days [flexible] our tours are flexible and can be organised according to the number of days you have available.


.Our accomodation are always the best available at any site we visit.


Our tours dont have fixed dates, just tell us when you want to come and we will do everything possible to fit in with your requirements.


You will always have two expert guides with special knowledge about the tour.


Collection from the airport,transportation in Ghana,meals,park fees,guide fees and water.


Flight to and from Ghana,travel insurance,Ghana entry visa,drinks, snacks and items for personal use.


$ 3500 [per person] [curency converter]