In preparation for UK board meeting in Ghana on 24-25 march 2016, i made arrangement towards going birding. I emailed a friend at American Embassy in Ghana called John, if he knows a bird guide whose charges are moderate and knows the birds, their calls and special place to go and see special birds. John assured me of Kwame Brown as his guide in Ghana anytime he wants to go birding, he sent me Kwame`s email address and telephone number to contact him and all the necessary arrangements will be made. Infact the way Kwame handled me let me know why John likes him. He is straight forward,simple and breaks everything down to your understanding.

He told me about 4×4 car charges/day.

Hotel,fuel,entry to parks,food and water fees were summerised.

Guide fees/day.

Which was moderate for me to go with.

He sent me the Itenerary for 9 days period and was cool to me as he knows the best in the country. The only disappointing thing to Kwame was the 4×4 car he arranged for have to come all the way from Cape Coast to Accra for the trip,and final day UK Embassy in Ghana gave me Embassy car. Kwame was a little disturbed but to solve the problem i have to fill the fuel thank for the driver and pay him for a day service to go back to Cape Coast. I arrived in Ghana on 23 march 2016 at 20 hours with emirate and was transported to Movenpick Ambassador Hotel by UK Embassy car, Kingsley the driver was patiently waiting for me at Kotoka International Airport Accra. Early next morning waking up to see the rising sun in Ghana and nice birds seen around this place, i called Kwame and told him i am already enjoying birds of Ghana and set for 26 morning after the meeting on 24th and 25th, positive response from him made me feal at home. Early 26th morning our tour began and incredible performance from Kwame which led us to record 376 birds including African pygmy goose, Egyptian plover,Hartlaubs duck,Yellow headed picathartes,Blue headed bee eater and Abyssinian ground hornbill within 9 days it was realy great. No wander Kwame was number 1 coice for John as far as birds of Ghana is concern as his skills of identifying birds and hearing their calls were beyond imagination, a young man of his age and youthful appearance but knows all the skill and places to see special birds it was really fantastic.


26th-DAY 1….Shaihills-sakumono lagoon-muni lagoon-cape coast

27th-DAY 2…Kakum canopy walkway-jawari road

28th-DAY 3….Sushen forest-brimso water works-brenu beach road

29th-DAY 4….Antwikwaa-river pra-picathartes site-kumasi

30th-DAY 5…..Opuro forest-Egyptian plover site-mole

31st-DAY 6…..Mole

1st-DAY 7……Mole

2nd-DAY 8….Mole-bobiri forest-atewa

3rd-DAY 9….Atewa range-Departure


Common sandpiper

Common green shank

Black winged stilt

Wood sandpiper

Cattle egret

Black tailed godwit

Bar tailed godwit

Squacco heron

Pied kingfisher

Long tailed cormorant

Common ringed plover

Yellow throated longclow

Glossy ibis

Black crowned night heron

Spotted thick knee

Black heron

Little egret

Purple swamphen

Intermediate egret

Winding cisticola

Zitting cisticola

Curlew sandpiper

Ruddy turnstone

Yellow wagtail

Great egret

Grey heron

Collared pratincole

Black headed heron

Kittlitz plover

Common redshank

Grey plover

Common kestrel

African pied wagtail

Little grebe

White faced whistling duck

Marsh sandpiper

Royal tern



Sandwich tern

Gull billed tern

Green backed heron

Western reef egret

Rock pratincole

White headed lapwing

Senegal thick knee

Malachite kingfisher

Giant kingfisher

Common morehen

Purple heron

Little stint

Black cucal

Western marsh harrier

African pygmy goose

Spur winged lapwing

African wattled lapwing

Senegal cucal

Plain backed pipit

Ethiopean swallow

Barn swallow

Yellow billed shrike

African palm swift

Purple glossy starling

Yellow browed cameroptera

Cameroon sombre greenbul

Slender billed greenbul

Little grey greenbul

Chestnut wattle eye

Palmnut vulture

African harrier hawk

Brown snake eagle


Red bellied paradise flycatcher

Grey longbill

Swamp palm bulbul

Common swift

Golden greenbul

White crested hornbill

European honey buzzard

Black crake

African jacana

Green sandpiper

Great spotted cuckoo

Orange weaver

Heuglins masked weaver

Grey kestrel

Red fronted parrot

Collared sunbird

Sabines puffback

Johannas sunbird

Forest wood hoopoe

Ushers flycatcher

Yellow throated thinkerbird

Naked faced barbet

Speckled thinkerbird

Gabon woodpecker

Chestnut capped flycatcher

Rufous crowned eremomela

Hairy brested barbet

Splendid glossy starling

Cassins spinetail

Dark chanting goshawk

African hobby

Compact weaver

Violet backed hyliota

Cassins honeybird

Little grey flycatcher

Yellow mantled weaver

Grey headed negrofinch

Black capped apalis

Yellow billed barbet

White breasted negrofinch

White throated bee eater

Black winged oriole

Yellow spotted barbet

Yellow bill

Black dwarf hornbill

African pied hornbill

Red headed malimbe

Shrike flycatcher

White tailed alethe

Western bearded greenbul

Olive bellied sunbird

African green pigeon

Rufous sided broadbill

Cassins hawk eagle

Blue throated roller

Blue throated brown sunbird

Klass`s cuckoo

Emerald cuckoo

Blue billed malimbe

Frasers eagle owl

Chestnut breasted negrofinch

Blue cuckooshrike

Narrow tailed starling

Little green woodpecker

Willow warbler

Black and white mannikin

African finfoot

Rosy bee eater

Whistling cisticola

Red faced cisticola

Buff throated sunbird

Akuns eagle owl

Western nicator

Grosbeak weaver

Grey headed bush shrike

Four banded sandgrous

Blue spotted wood dove

Laughing dove

Black billed wood dove

African thrush

Speckled pigeon

Purple throated cuckooshrike

Lesser striped swallow

Mosque swallow

Brown nightjah

Didric cuckoo

Fire bellied woodpecker

Cardinal woodpecker

Bristle nosed barbet

Vieillots barbet

Double toothed barbet

Piping hornbill

Black scimitarbill

Broad billed roller

Little bee eater

Grey headed kingfisher

Blue breasted kingfisher

Northern black flycatcher

Grey woodpecker

Striped kingfisher

Mottled spinetail

Freckled nightjah

Black and white flycatcher

Violet backed starling

Dusky blue flycatcher

Black throated cucal

Western bluebill

Red vented malimbe

Preuss`s cliff swallow

Black bellied firefinch

African pygmy kingfisher

Simple leaflove

Crested malimbe

Black bellied seedcracker

African dwarf kingfisher

African cuckoo hawk

Kemps longbill

Puvels illadopsis

Sooty boubou

Red tailed bristlebill

Fanti sawwing

Tawny flanked prinia

Black bee eater

Yellow white eye

Forest chestnut winged starling

Buff spotted woodpecker

Olive sunbird

Rufous chested swallow

Copper tailed starling

Yellow billed turaco

Finschs flycatcher thrush

Shining drongo

Spotted greenbul

Yellow bearded greenbul

Velvet mantled drongo

Fire bellied woodpecker

Forest robin

Blue headed crested flycatcher

Red billed helmetshrike

Chocolate backed kingfisher

Green headed sunbird

Olive green cameroptera

Frasers sunbird

Wood warbler

Sulphur breasted bush shrike

Marsh tchagra

Red winged warbler


Peregrine falcon

Black rumped waxbill

Greyish eagle owl

Long tailed nightjah

White spotted flufftail

Red cheeked wattle eye

Brown illadopsis

Grey throated flycatcher

Woodland kingfisher

Tit hylia

Thick billed cuckoo

African cuckoo

Violet turaco

Western grey plantain eater

Yellow crowned gonolec

Red eyed dove

Yinaceou dove


Rock pigeon

Honeyguide greenbul

Icterine greenbul

African moustached warbler

Green crombec

Oriole warbler

Little grey flycatcher

Spotted flycatcher

Common wattle eye

Brown babbler

Forest penduline tit

Western violet backed sunbird

Copper sunbird

Splendid sunbird

Common fiscal

Frasers forest flycatcher

Tambourine dove

Green hylia

Maxwells black weaver

Pin tailed whydah

Black spinetail

Preuss`s weaver

Black cuckoo

African piculet

Western black headed oriole

Yellow headed picathartes

Red rumped thinkerbird

Northern grey headed sparrow

Broad billed roller

Green turaco

Northern puffback

White helmetshrike

Yellow rumped thingkerbird

Grey headed bristlebill

Common house martin

Pied flycatcher

Long tailed hawk

Black sparrow hawk

Blue billed firefinch

Superb sunbird

Grasshopper buzzard

Red chested swallow

Black faced quailfinch

Gabar goshawk

African golden oriole

Rufous crowned roller

Northern carmine bee eater

Excramatory paradise whydah

Lesser blue eared starling

Bush petronia

Familia chat

Golden tailed woodpecker

Scarlet chested sunbird

Fine spotted woodpecker

Bearded barbet

Pygmy sunbird


Little weaver

Northern crombec

Lavender waxbill

Hooded vulture

Bruces green pigeon

White backed vulture


Red billed hornbill

Chestnut crowned sparrow weaver

Wire tailed swallow

Red throated bee eater

Red shoulded cuckooshrike

White headed vulture

Hadada ibis

Helmet guineefowl

Beautiful sunbird

Red billed firefinch

Lesser honeyguide

Long tailed starling

Grey headed kingfisher

Wooly necked stork

Abyssinian roller

Abyssinian ground hornbill

Forbes plover

Standard winged nightjah

African scops owl

Pearl spotted owlet


Denhams bustard

White fronted black chat

Fork tailed drongo

Yellow fronted canary

Saddle billed stork

Double spured francolin

Stone partridge

Mocking cliff chat

Short winged cisticola

Croaking cisticola

Senegal batis

Lanner falcon

Senegal eremomela

Black capped babbler

Rose ringed parakeet

Black shoulded kite

Pied crow

Yellow billed kite

Swallow tailed bee eater

Yellow mantled widowbird

Red necked buzzard

Levaillants cuckoo

Blue bellied roller

Tree pipit

Red winged pytilia

Yellow breasted apalis

Square tailed drongo

African blue flycatcher

Tawny eagle

Red headed lovebird

Chestnut backed sparrow lark

Greater honeyguide

Swamp flycatcher

Melodious warbler

White crowned robin chat

Black faced firefinch

Northern red bishop

Red cheeked cordon blue

Village indigobird


Grey parrot

Dusky tit

Narina trogon

Least honeyguide

Red tailed greenbul

Magpie mannikin

Blue headed bee eater

Square tailed sawwing

Crowned eagle

Yellow throated cuckoo

Red chested cuckoo

Black crowned tchagra

Brown crowned tchagra

Thanks to Kwame for making it possible and UK Embassy for their support with the car and driver Kingsley, i realy enjoyed it. Good hotels with nice meals in Ghana was superb, Thanks for choosing the best for the trip Kwame.