Thanks Kwame for making our five [5] days trip in Ghana such a success and Kwaku for the safe driving, both guys working hard together to make the trip a memorable one. A tour to Cape coast to visit the castle and the canopy walkway and other birding centers around the area. We had a good time and enjoyed it in the castle,in the forest was fantastic the experience Kwame has and good eyesight to identify birds and hearing their calls in the forest was magnificent that within 5 days we were pleased with the number of birds we recorded and the outstanding Red headed picathartes and Rosy bee eater which added more taste to our results.


African pygmy goose

African harrier hawk

Black necled weaver

Little greenbul

Green headed sunbird

Red eyed dove

Vieillots black weaver

African cuckoo hawk

African finfoot

Giant kingfisher

African pygmy kingfisher

Pied kingfisher

White throated bee eater

Orange cheeked waxbill

Red tailed bristlebill

Black bellied firefinch

Red winged warbler

Orange weaver

Frasers eagle owl

African green pigeon

Bar breasted firefinch

Barn swallow

Preuss`s cliff swallow

White breasted negrofinch

Yellow throated thinkerbird

Marsh tchagra

Double spured francolin

Singing cisticola


Short winged cisticola

Sulphur breasted bush shrike

Black billed wood dove

Peregrine falcon

Black shoulded kite

Mosque swallow

Common sandpiper

Rock pratincole

White throated blue swallow

Village weaver

White headed lapwing

Sharps apalis

Black capped apalis

Rufous crowned eremomela

Speckled thinkerbird

Gabon woodpecker

Black and white flycatcher

Lesser striped swallow

Black crowned tchagra

Greyish eagle owl

Black rumped waxbill

Splendid sunbird

Little swift

Cassins honeybird

Grey hornbill

Camaroon sombre greenbul

Red billed dwarf hornbill

Levaillants cuckoo

Red billed helmetshrike

Copper tailed starling

Chocolate backed kingfisher

Hairly breasted barbet

Red necked buzzard

Yellow spotted barbet

Pale flycatcher

Rufous sided broadbill

Dusky blue flycatcher

Naked faced barbet

Black throated cucal

Bristle nosed barbet

Splendid starling

Blue breasted kingfisher

Blue cuckooshrike

Golden greenbul

Black cuckoo

Pied hornbill

Brown ckeeked hornbill

Long tailed nightjah

Yellow billed barbet

Yellow browed camaroptera

Black winged oriole

Icterine greenbul

Black headed oriole

Piping hornbill

Common wattle eye

Akuns eagle owl

Red faced cisticola

Yellow billed kite

Tit hylia

Green turaco

Forest penduline tit

African jacana

Rosy bee eater

Blue throated brown sunbird

Yellow headed picathartes

Red vented malimbe

Sabines puffback

Whistling cisticola

Plantain eater

Grey backed camaroptera

Blue spotted wood dove

Kemps longbill

Copper sunbird

Mottled spinetail

Yellow white eye

Chestnut breasted negrofinch

Red fronted parrot

Little grey greenbul

Chestnut capped flycatcher

Violet backed hyliota

Black bee eater

Yellow billed turaco

Grey headed negrofinch

Cassins spinetail

Brown illadopsis

Collare sunbird

White spotted flufftail

Puvels illadopsis

Didric cukoo

Fanti sawwing

Blue billed malimbe

Klass`s cuckoo

Square tailed sawwing

Crested malimbe

Intermediate egret

Yellow mantled weaver

Red headed malimbe

Little green woodpecker

Little green sunbird

Red bellied paradise flycatcher

Chestnut wattle eye

Blue throated roller

Grey throated flycatcher

Usshers flycatcher

White tailed alethe

African goshawk

Forest chestnut winged starling

Shrike flycatcher

Red rumped thinkerbird

Narrow tailed starling

White crested hornbill

Olive sunbird

African palm swift

Hooded vulture

Pied crow

Green backed heron

Green crombec

Grey kestrel

Fire bellied woodpecker

Buff spotted woodpecker

Laughing dove

Emerald cuckoo

Senegal cucal

Purple heron

Common fiscal

Simple leaflove

Yellow bill

Tambourine dove

Tawny flanked prinia

Yellow crowned gonolec

Senegal thick knee

Western bluebill

Lead collared flycatcher

Rufous chested swallow

Woodland kingfisher

Cattle egret

Black crowned night heron

Swamp palm bulbul

Olive green camaroptera

Grey longbill

Black spinetail

Pied wagtail

Pin tailed whydah

Green tailed bristlebill

Northern grey headed sparrow

Buff throated sunbird

Western nicator

Malachite kingfisher

Finschs flycatcher thrush

Forest wood hoopoe

Hans cottage botel, a nice place to spend your holidays around Cape coast which gave us good Accomodation and Food for our days in Ghana.Thank you for choosing such a good place for us Kwame.