Adventure birding company is based in Ghana and run by local experienced guides. Your tour will help the local people and economies of the area we visit. The profit from the tour can be reinvested back into the  economy at the local levle,without the loss of revenue to overseas offices. By choosing Adventure birding company you are realy helping to make a difference. Ghana is a west African country with a difference,this English speaking West African nation is a microcosm of the african continent,with its tropical rainforest,mountains,coastal marshes and sahalian savannah.. Ghana stands out as an outstanding destination and an exceptional introduction to sub-saharan Africa. Ghana is politically stable and without a doubt the friendly nation in Africa. A tour in this country will provide you with the opportunity to tour safely in the Upper Guinea endemic area as our experienced guides take you to some of the exceptionally interesting sites in our country.

 Rasmus Carkov]

          Rasmus is a serious birder who has visited many countries around the world for birding, he has visited Ghana twice for birdwatching and had a good trip with Kwame. Out of excitement Rasmus dedicated his support and has always given out his best advice to help the company to progress.

Kwame Brown

          Kwame is highly experienced tour guide and has led tours for many companies in Ghana. His love of birds of Ghana and his identification skills of the birds of West Africa are extraordinal and exceptional as his knowledge of where to find them.

Kwasi Nkrumah

                 Kwasi is our organization manager,his present outgoing personality and his love of tourism makes him a major asset to our company.

Sammuel Amoasi

                Sammy is a strong and energitic young man who was born at Abrafo a village ner Kakum national park. Through hardworking and dedication Sammy has study and knows the birds around him and now a tour guide in our company. Sammy`s present is good to lead or assist any tour in and around Cape Coast.

Ansah Mcarty

            Ansah is our cultural tour guide. He has led uncountable tours on culture and history of Ghana. His rich knowledge of the culture and traditions of the people of Ghana and his ability to tell the story often leeds people into thinking whether he was there when it all started despite his yougthful appearance. Ansah has work and led so many tours at Elmina castle and he is still working there to give you the best. Indeed Ansah is highly valued in this company and very important to your tour.

 Janet Akua

             Janet is a young hardworking lady who is gifted in office management. Janet is in charge of our office and she is very good at that. Her Educational background and behaviour makes her the best as compare to any other tour company`s.

Janet Amankwaa

                   Another briliat lovely hardworking lady who is also gifted in management and assisting Akua in managing the office and the two of them together is superb.