This is a Concise List of Birds Awaiting at your disposal to watch when ever u come for Tour @ Adventure Birding Tours – Ghana.

As Follows :

White breasted guineefowl
Abyssinian ground hornbill
Great blue turaco
Hartlaubs duck
African finfoot
Tit hylia
African piculet
White creasted tiger heron
Dwarf bittern
Yellow headed picathartes
Crested guineefowl
Blue headed wood dove
Mocking cliff chat
Long tail hawk
Gambaga flycatcher
Blue cuckooshrike
Blue headed bee eater
Black bee baeter
White bellied kingfisher
Egyptian plover
Forbes plover
Four banded sandgrous
Spotted creeper
White spotted flufftail
Black casque hornbill
Yellow casque hornbill
Brown cheecked hornbill
Akuns eagle owl
Frasers eagle owl
White crested hornbill
Black dwarf hornbill
White headed wood hoopoe
Forest wood hoopoe
Rufous winged illadopsis
Puvels illadopsis
Red cheecked wattle eye
Brown illadopsis
Pale breasted illadopsis
Congo serpent eagle
Forest penduline tit
Grey parrot
Narina trogon
Marabou stork
White fronted black chat
Saddle billed stork
Preuss`s cliff swallow
Nkulengu rail
Kittlitz plover
Long tailed starling
Capuchin babbler
Copper tailed starling
Black capped babbler
Black caped illadopsis
Dusky tit
Little grebe
Black heron
White throated francolin
Spot breasted ibis
African pygmy goose
Afep pigeon
Yellow penduline tit
Black capped apalis
Forest scrub robin
White throated greenbul
Beaudouin`s snake eagle
Lathams forest francolin
Western banded snake eagle
Red tighed sparrow hawk
Western bronze napped pigeon
Rock pratincole
African swallow tailed kite
Bat hawk
Grean turaco
Yellow billed oxpecker
Black sparrow hawk
Cassins hawk eagle
Stone partridge
Dusky long tailed cuckoo
Ahanta francolin
Double spurred francolin
Collared pratincole
White throated blue swallow
Tambourine dove
Great spotted cuckoo
Cassins spinetail
African dwarf kingfisher
Northern carmine bee eater
Brucess grean pigeon
Voilet turaco
Yellow spotted barbet
Yellow billed turaco
Olive long tailed cuckoo
Yellow throated cuckoo
pels fishing owl
Standard winged nightjah
Bristle nosed barbet
Rufous sided broadbill
Red chested owlet
Brown nightjah
White backed night heron
Gabon woodpecker
Yellow bellied hyliota
Black spinetail
Chocolate backed kingfisher
Rosy bee eater
Red billed dwarf hornbill
Red rumped tinkerbird
Yellow billed barbet
Kemps longbill
Fanti sawwing
Blue billed malimbe
Black and white flycatcher
Purple throated cuckooshrike
Forest robin
Olive green camaroptera
Red vented malimbe
White crested tiger heron
Reichenbachs sunbird
Violet backed hyliota
Rock loving cisticola
Sharps apalis
Oriole warbler
Blue headed crested flycatcher
Bioco batis
Grey throated rail
Red headed malimbe
Sabines puffback
White browed flycatcher
Cabanis`s bunting
Forest chesnut winged starling
Nimba flycatcher
Crested malimbe
Exclamatory paradise whydah
Cinnamon breasted rock bunting
Togo paradise ehydah
Croaking cisticola
Black backed cisticola
Black and white casqued hornbill
Double toothed barbet
European bee eater
Rufous crowned eremomela
Black scimitarbill
Broad billed roller
Abyssinian roller
Lemon bellied crombec
Blue shoulded robin chat
White tailed ant thrush
Blue bellied roller
Freckled nightjah
Shining blue kingfisher
Greyish eagle owl
Black cucal
Water thick knee
Fraser`s forest flycatcher
Green tailed bristlebill
Western bearded greenbul
Square tailed sawwing
Rock martin
Brown backed woodpecker
Bearded barbet
African pied hornbill
Black throated cucal
Sabines spinetail
Rufous crowned roller
Swallow tailed bee eater
Thick billed honeyguide
Spotted honeyguide
Naked faced barbet
Blue throated roller
Piping hornbill
African golden oriole
Namaqua dove
Blue breasted kingfisher
Little bee eater
African pygmy kingfisher
Mottled swift
Mottled spinetail
Pennant winged nightjah
African barred owlet
Blue headed cucal
Red billed hornbill
White helmetshrike
Gaint kingfisher
African emerald cuckoo
Red fronted parrot
Blue spotted wood dove
Vieillot`s barbet
Yellow fronted tinkerbird
Black billed wood dove
Ayres hawk eagle
White throated bee eater
Dark chanting goshawk
White headed vulture
Johannas sunbird
Grey headed kingfisher
Cassins flycatcher
Greater honeyguide
Sulphur breasted bush shrike
White billed buffalo weaver
African grey hornbill
Red throated bee eater
Woodland kingfisher
White backed vulture
Shining drongo
Sooty boubou
Little grey flycatcher
Green wood hoopoe
Red billed helmetshrike
Yellow crowned gomolec
Tropical boubou
Northern crombec
Hooded vulture
Yellow bearded greenbul
Superb sunbird
whit tailed alethe
Feiry breasted bush shrike
Blue throated brown sunbird
Common redstart
Northern black flycatcher
Buff throated sunbird
Lesser honeyguide
Golden tailed woodpecker
Red shoulded cuckooshrike
Willcocks`s honeyguide
white crowned robinchat
Usshers flycatcher
Red winged warbler
Yellow breasted apalis
Green crombec
Fine spotted woodpecker
Finschs flycatcher thrush
Grey headed bristlebill
Red tailed greenbul
Yellow footed honeyguide
Red tailed bristlrbill
White breasted cuckooshrike
Snowy crowned robinchat
Western nicator
Honeyguide greenbul
Common house martin
Least honeyguide
Cassins honeybird
Familiar chat
Yellow throated tinkerbird
Buff spotted woodpecker
Hairy breasted barbet
White backed duck
Spur winged goose
Grey throated flycatcher
Knob billed duck
Yellow rumped tinkerbird
African thrush
Norther pintail
Secretary  bird
Little green woodpecker
Palmnut vulture
Speckled tinkerbird
African fish eagle
Lead collared flycatcher
Fire bellied woodpecker
Egyptian vulture
Brown snake eagle
Gabar goshawk
Africn goshawk
Pygmy sunbird
Little rush warbler
Cardinal woodpecker
Swamp flycatcher
Yellow whiskered greenbul
Swamp palm bulbul
Greater blue eared starling
Yellow throated leaflove
Simple leaflove
Brown eared woodpecker
Pied flycatcher
Spotted greenbul
African moustached warbler
Rufous rumped lark
Grey woodpecker
Baumann`s greenbul
Golden greenbul
Ruppell`s griffon vulture
Beautiful sunbird
Icterine greenbul
Black facedcfirefinch
Common bulbul
Cameroon sombre greenbul
Ansorges greenbul
Variable sunbird
Flappet lark
Little grey greenbul
Little greenbul
Slender billed greenbul
Chestnut capped flycatcher
Bush petronia
Chestnut crowned sparrow weaver
Northern grey headed sparrow
Bronze tailed starling
Tiny sunbird
Crested lark
Spotted flycatcher
Lesser blue eared starling
African paradise flycatcher
Purple glossy starling
Yellow fronted canary
Olive bellied sunbird
Streeky headed seedeater
Pin tailed whydah
Pied kingfisher
Western marsh harrier
Lizard buzzard
Ovambo sparrow hawk
European honey buzzard
Grasshopper buzzard
Red necked buzzard
Booted eagle
African hawk eagle
Long crested eagle
Wahlberg`s eagle
Tawny eagle
Crowned eagle
Martial eagle
Common kestrel
Peregrine falcon
Lanner falcon
Grey kestrel
Red necked falcon
African hobby
Eurasian hobby
Chestnut backed sparrow lark
African blue flycatcher
Barka indigobird
Wilson`s indigobird
Spotted redshank
Village indigobird
Red bellied flycatcher
Collared sunbird
African silverbill
Magpie mannikin
Yellow browed camaroptera
Dusky blue flycatcher
Black and white mannikin
Bronze mannikin
Sun lark
Black faced quailfinch
Zebra waxbill
Carmelite sunbird
Red headed lovebird
Red cheecked cordon blue
Rufous cisticola
Dusky crested flycatcher
Black rumped waxbill
Lavender waxbill
Black collared lovebird
Olive sunbird
Orange cheecked waxbill
Tessmann`s flycatcher
Whistling cisticola
Black faced firefinch
Blue billed firefinch
Grey backed camaroptera
Black bellied firefinch
Red billed firefinch
Singing cisticola
Green headed sunbird
Rose ringed parakeet
Pale flycatcher
Bar breasred firefinch
Black bellied seedcracker
Western bluebill
Striped kingfisher
Green twinspot
Western violet backed sunbird
Red faced cisticola
Red winged pytilia
Yellow winged pytilia
White breasted negrofinch
Brown sunbird
Brown necked parrot
Tree pipit
Thick billed cuckoo
Chestnut breasted negrofinch
Grey headed negrofinch
Red fronted antpecker
Green sunbird
Senegal parrot
Helmeted guineefowl
Yellow mantled widowbird
Yellow crowned bishop
Common cuckoo
Northern red bishop
Malachite kingfisher
Plain backed pipit
Black kite
Red headed weaver
Short winged cisticola
Grey longbill
Green hylia
African cuckoo
Wood warbler
Common chiffchaff
Yellow throated longclow
Black winged bishop
Little green sunbird
Compact weaver
Grosbeak weaver
Red billed quelea
Willow warbler
Red chested cuckoo
Senegal eremomela
Garden warbler
Little bittern
Red headed quelea
Fraser`s sunbird
Senegal cucal
Preuss`s weaver
Yellow wagtail
Black cuckoo
Maxwell`s black weaver
Vieillots black weaver
Brown crowned tchagra
Yellow mantled weaver
Melodious warbler
Vitelline masked weaver
Bates sunbird
Grey rumped swallow
Heuglin`s masked weaver
Black headed weaver
Orange weaver
Common swift
Jacobin cuckoo
African pied wagtail
Barn swallow
Village weaver
Black necked weaver
Little weaver
Red chested swallow
Speckle fronted weaver
Bush petronia
Levaillant`s cuckoo
Western grey plantain eater
Common whitethroat
Black crowned tchagra
Little swift
Northern grey headed sparrow
Violet backed starling
Ethiopean swallow
Greater swamp warbler
Chestnut bellied starling
Didric cuckoo
Splendid glossy starling
Shrike flycatcher
Wire tailed swallow
Bates swift
Senegal batis
Great reed warbler
Narrow tailed starling
Square tailed drongo
Fork tailed drongo
Mosque swallow
Scarlet chested sunbird
Velvet mantled drongo
Vinaceous dove
Klaas`s cuckoo
Gull billed tern
African palm swift
Black shoulded nightjah
Northern white faced owl
European reed warbler
Pied crow
Western black headed oriole
Black winged oriole
Sandwich tern
Northern puffback
Chestnut wattle eye
Marsh tchagra
Common tern
African mourning dove
Long tailed nightjah
African scops owl
Grey headed bush shrike
Woodchat shrike
Red eyed dove
Yellow billed shrike
Green sandpiper                          
Rufous chested swallow
Common fiscal
Splendid sunbird
Barn owl
Common redshank
Winding cisticol
European turtle dove
 Copper sunbird
Yellow white eye
White shoulded black tit
Brown babbler
Common greenshank
Wood sandpiper
Damara tern
African green pigeon
Lesser striped swallow
Pearl spotted owlet
African harrier hawk
Black shoulded kite
Yellow billed kite
Royal tern
Common sandpiper
Banded martin
Marsh sandpiper
Common wattle eye
Tawny flanked prinia
Dort`s cisticola
Rock dove
Little tern
Zitting cisticola
Pied swallow
African wood owl
Laughing dove
Speckled pigeon
African skimmer
Black tern
American golden plover
Common snipe
Greater painted snipe
Ruddy turnstone
Red knot
Little stint
Temminck`s stint
Curlew sandpiper
Eurasian curlew
Bar tailed godwit
Black tailed godwit
Grey plover
Lesser black winged lapwing
Spur winged lapwing
Black headed lapwing
White headed lapwing
African wattled lapwing
Kentish plover
Common ringed plover
White fronted plover
Bronze winged courser
Temminck`s courser
Spotted thick knee
Senegal thick knee
Pied avocet
Black winged stilt
Eurasian oystercatcher
Denhams bustard
Black bellied bustard
White bellied bustard
African jacana
Lesser morehen
Common morehen
Allen gallnule
Purple swamphen
African crake
Black crake
Blue quail
Quail plover
African darter
Long tailed cormorant
Black crowned night heron
Green backed heron
Squacco heron
Cattle egret
Western reef egret
Little egret
Intermediate egret
Great egret
Grey heron
Black headed heron
Purple heron
Yellow billed stork
Black stork
Abdim`s stork
Wooly necked stork
White stork
African spoonbill
Glossy ibis
Hadada ibis
White faced whistling duck